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"The Wave"

Save the Corvette Wave!

Save the Wave!

Save the Corvette Wave!

As you drive along a winding country road your Corvette follows the curves with ease.  The sun glints through the trees and reflects in flashing moments off the windshield. The air feels good rushing by with the top down.  As you shift down a gear and round the next bend you see another Corvette coming towards you.  The other driver sees you and gives you a friendly wave out the window and you return the gesture.  The Corvette Wave is alive and well.

Since the first Corvettes started hitting the streets, there has been an unwritten rule that all Corvette owners must wave to other enthusiasts.  Much like a fraternity or un-official club, it is a signal of recognition that you are driving North America’s most iconic sports car.

It does not have to be a big arm wave out the side window.  It can be inside the windshield or just a raise of the hand off the steering wheel when you have the windows up and the air conditioning on full.

No matter how you recognize other Corvette enthusiasts on the roads………..

Remember to Save The Wave!

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