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2011 Callaway
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Callaway Powerfully Engineered Automobiles
Callaway Corvette for 2012

Performance Specifications SC606 SC652Callaway Cars presents the all new Callaway Corvette SC606 and SC 652 for 2012: class-rivilaing supercars at a fraction of the cost of their European counterparts. Adhering to a design philosophy forged over thirty yers of constructing "Powerfully Engineered Automobiles", Callaway Corvettes produce intimidating power while exhibiting refined manners.

Authenticity. Capability. Performance. The Genuine Article. Nothing in Callaway's approach is down without purpose or passion.
Reeves Callaway

Standard Equipment:

  • Eaton TVS2300 "Twin Vortices Series" Supercharger, with black housing
  • Liguid-to-air Intercooler
  • Increased Flow Rates Fuel Injectors with Ultra-High Volume Fuel Pump (SC652) or with High Volume Fuel Pump and Electronic Fuel Pump controller (SC606).
  • Carbon Fibre Injector covers
  • Low Restriction Double-D Exhaust System
  • High Flow Cold Air Intake System
  • Carbon Fibre Louvered Hood Bulge, with "Supercharged" emblems.
  • Anodized Door Sill Plates.
  • Embroidered Cargo Mat and Floor Mats.
  • Callaway Badging, Exterior and Interior.
  • Callaway Corvette Authenticity Documentation Package.
  • Callway 3 Year/60,000 Kilometer Limited Powertrain Warranty.

Features,prices and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Optional Equipment:

  • Callaway C16 Hood
  • Callaway Short Throw Shifter
  • Callaway Exhaust Tip Diffuser Slats
  • Callaway/OZ Wheel & Michelin Tire Pkg - Black, Chrome, Blk Chrome
  • Callaway Nine Spoke Wheels - HyperBlack, HyperSilver, Black Chrome
  • Callaway/Eibach Suspension Packages
  • Callaway Le Mans GT Brake Systems
  • Callaway Deutschleder Interior Group
  • Callaway Sport Seats w/Optional Harnesses
  • Callaway Steering Wheel Package
  • Callaway 5 Year/160,000 Kilometer Extended Powertrain Warranty
  • Callaway logo Car Cover

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